Muhammad (PBUH) The Beloved Prophet: A Great Story Simply Told

Muhammad (PBUH) The Beloved Prophet: A Great Story Simply Told

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Author: Iqbal Ahmad Azami
Binding: Paper Back
ISBN: 1872531393
Pages: 98
Publisher: UK Islamic Academy
Product Code: UKIA
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Muhammad (PBUH) the Beloved Prophet A Great Story Simply Told

This book is written in a simple style for young children to enjoy and understand the essence of the life of the Beloved Prophet e. In 28 short chapters It portrays the life of the Prophet Muhammad e, a dynamic, exemplary leader who succeeds all trials and tribulations to serve the one and only God.

Being comprehensive yet gentle in its presentation, this book contains many new useful additions to capture the young readers imagination – including: summary of important events, verses of the Quran, attractive calligraphies and illustrations. Each chapter ends with list of questions to engage the young reader’s mind. This books is ideal for classroom use or as a bedtime read.

A unique book of its kind on the market place.

MUHAMMAD (PBUH), THE BELOVED PROPHET: A Great Story Simply Told is based on the Holy Qur'an and early sources dating back to when the Prophet was alive, 1,400 years ago. Written with young, English-speaking Muslims in mind it concentrates on the essential aspects of the Prophet's life, highlighting his excellent qualities and strength of leadership. Its 28 short chapters are aimed to encourage boys and girls to read the stories about the beloved Prophet (PBUH) for themselves.

This book will be useful for all those who are concerned with educating young Muslims in the English language, and will infuse love for the Prophet in the children's hearts.


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